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Volume 2 Issue 1
June 2004


Robert Blair Kaiser:  A Letter from the Editor


Reviewed by
Don Foran: A Dying Breed of Brave Men: The Self-Written Stories of Nine Married Priests Edited by Robert J. Brousseau

Reviewed by
Doug McFerran: Papal Reich by Arun Pereira

Reviewed by
Leonard Swidler: Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century by Ronald Modras


Thomas P. Doyle: The John Jay Report and The National Review Board Report

Bruce Russett: Conclusion of Governance, Accountability and the Future of the Catholic Church — Monarchy, Democracy, or "Decent Consultation Hierarchy"?

Leonard Swidler: Desperately Needed: Catholic ‘Americanist’ Heroes — The Model of Bishop John England of Charleston


Morgan Zo Callahan: Two Zen Dialogues:
Change Your Mind Day — June 7, 2003 — Ciudad de Los Angeles
Distant & Close

Geraldine Glodek: One Day on the Way to the Time Room

Paul Kelly: The Kelly Kollection


Robert Brophy, Don Cordero, Doug McFerran, Robert R. Rahl, Jim Torrens, SJ, and Dave Van Etten : Convocation 2003

Peter Henriot, SJ: Letter from Zambia

Joseph E. Mulligan, SJ: A Faith and Justice Pilgrimage in Rome ... and Related Reflections at Home


Frances A. Della Cava and Madeline H. Engel: Catholics under the Magnifying Glass: Views in American Mystery Fiction

Ramón Rami Porta: El teólogo itinerante: Un comentario sobre Monseñor Quijote de Graham Greene

Ramón Rami Porta: The Itinerant Theologian: A Commentary on Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene




Statement of Purpose/Bilingual Policy

Just Good Company is a new magazine in cyberspace, produced by the West Coast Compañeros Inc, a group of former U.S. Jesuits mainly from the California and Oregon Provinces. It's a periodic journal of religion and culture, intended to promote a dialogue with the world we live in. It is more catholic than Catholic and it will certainly not be a journal of advocacy for the hierarchical Church. Rather it aspires to being an intelligent forum that will draw the attention of thoughtful people everywhere and appeal, ultimately, to all men and women of good will. Just Good Company hopes to be a prophetic voice in the world. It intends to be both catholic (with a small "c") and independent, with no official status, and a continuing forum of ideas for anyone and everyone determined to have life and have it more abundantly. Serious consideration is being given to having a Spanish Edition, containing articles written out of Latin America and Spain. JGC wishes to be a truly international magazine, not merely an Anglo-American magazine translated into Spanish. For that, it hopes to have the collaboration of translators whose native language is Spanish.

Declaración del Propósito/Política Bilingüe

Just Good Company es una nueva revista electrónica, creada por West Coast Compañeros, Inc., un grupo de ex-jesuitas de los Estados Unidos, más que todo de las provincias de California y Oregon. Es una publicación periódica de religión y cultura que pretende promover un diálogo con el mundo en que vivimos. Es católica no solo en relación con la iglesia católica, sino en el sentido universal, y no será una publicación que aboga por la jerarquía de la iglesia católica. Aspira a ser un foro inteligente que atraerá la atención de las personas pensativas en todas partes, y, ultimamente de todas las personas de buena voluntad. Es un foro de ideas para todos los que desean tener la vida, y tenerla en abundancia. Just Good Company espera ser una voz profétíca en el mundo. Piensa ser católica (universal) e independiente, sin estatus oficial. Se está considerando producir una edición en español, la cual tendría varios artículos que vienen desde Latinoamérica y España. Para lograr esto, espera contar con la colaboración de traductores cuyo idioma nativo es el español.



Volume 2 Issue 1
June 2004


Vittorio Messori: A Passion of Violence and Love


Robert Bagg: Chimera

George Keithley: Looking at the Man

Tom Sheehan: We Share A Universe


Edward M. Fashing: WTO Meeting In Cancun, Mexico, October 2003

Robert Blair Kaiser: Holy Words Holy War

Senator Edward M. Kennedy: "Leading This Country to a Perilous Place"

Joseph E. Mulligan, SJ: The Fight for Bread and Justice Goes On in Central America


Robert Blair Kaiser:
Latest Chapter
Rome Diary Index


José María Vigil, CMF: La opción por los pobres es opción por la justicia, y no es preferencial: Para un reencuadramiento teologico-sistemático de la OP

José María Vigil, CMF: The Option for the Poor is an Option for Justice, and Not Preferential: A New Theological-Systematic Framework for the Option for the Poor

Leobard D’Souza: There Are Many Mother Teresas


Michael Saso: The Advanced Asian Research and Language Institute, Beijing, Announces New, Inter-Disciplinary BA, MA, & PhD Programs, 10-14 Day Tibetan Pilgrimages, and Opportunities To Help in Building and Sponsoring Schools in Greater Tibet


Anthony Padovano: The American Catholic Church: Assessing the Past, Discerning the Future



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