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Volume 1 Issue 3
September 2003


Robert Blair Kaiser: A Letter from the Editor

Henry Braun:
Mother Of All Bombs

R.W. French: A Day in March
H.R. Stoneback: God's Trout: Fisher King & Delta Force Recon the Upper Tigris

Robert Blair Kaiser:
Latest Chapter
Rome Diary Index

Australian Broadcasting Company: Radio Discussion on Vatican II
Kelly Burke: Blessed are the Once Married
Bill Burrows: The Erosion of Catholic Culture
José Comblin: Changes in the Latin American Church During the Pontificate of John Paul II
John J. Deeney: Vatican II: Before, During, and After — Some Personal Anecdotal Reflections
Robert Blair Kaiser: Notes Toward An Essay on Vatican II
Virginia Saldanha: Vatican II Brought Wholeness to Life
Ingrid Shafer: The Vision of Vatican II
Jon Sobrino, SJ:
A New Council (English)
Un Nuevo Concilio (Español)

Leonard Swidler: A Catholic Constitution for the Catholic Church  

Sr. Maria José Arana, RSCJ: To Ransom the Feminine in order to Re-animate the Earth (English)
Rescatar Lo Femenino Para Re-Animar La Tierra (Español)






In this issue we highlight an excellent new online publication,
The Australian Ejournal of Theology (AEJT)

We are delighted to report that the inaugural issue of The Australian Ejournal of Theology (ISSN 1448 - 6326) was launched at the McAuley Campus of the Australian Catholic University on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th 2003.

The Australian Ejournal of Theology (AEJT) is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary Ejournal sponsored by the Sub-Faculty of Philosophy and Theology within Australian Catholic University. It focuses on scholarly exchange within the Australian theological community. Its aim is to be both ecumenical and interdisciplinary. Scholarly contributions are welcomed from all relevant disciplines including the humanities, philosophy, arts, sciences, ethical and legal studies, sociology and history.

The AEJT Editorial Board welcomes suggestions for its editorial policy and for special issues of the journal. AEJT will be published online twice a year (in February and July).


We hope that you enjoy this first edition of an ejournal that no doubt will make a substantive contribution to Australian Theology.

Other New Links in This Issue

Call to Action Online: CTA works for the kind of church personified by Pope John XXIII, glimpsed at the Second Vatican Council, outlined at the US Bishops' 1976 Call To Action conference, proclaimed by 20,000 signers in CTA's "Call for Reform in the Catholic Church" (New York Times, Ash Wednesday, 1990) and encouraged by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin in his Catholic Common Ground initiative.

Call to Action News (an example from December, 2002): Jesuit theologian Roger Haight of Cambridge, Mass., though still banned from teaching by the Vatican, painted a serenely idealistic scenario in which the American Catholic experience will change universal Church doctrine in four key areas: religious freedom, the role of women, the place of laity, and openness to other religions.

Cristianisme i Justícia: Debate de temas fronterizos de justícia, cultura, tercer y cuarto mundo, sociedad, migraciones, etc. desde la óptica de la fe cristiana.

Cristianisme i Justícia: Forums on: justice, culture, third and fourth world, society, migrations, etc. from the viewpoint of Christian faith.

Entrevista Mary John Manzanan: Mary John es filipina y hermana benedictina misionera, directora del Instituto de Estudios de la Mujer en Manila y consultora por Just Good Company.

Espacio Sagrado: los Jesuitas irlandeses: "Te invitamos a que hagas un Espacio Sagrado en tu día, y que pases diez minutos orando aquí y ahora, con la ayuda de esta guía en tu pantalla y con el pasaje de la Escritura escogida especialmente para cada día."

Religion & Culture: Meeting the Challenge of Pluralism — Resource Guide, 2003: This resource guide was created in response to suggestions from journalists seeking new, varied, and accessible sources on religion, society, and culture.

The Pluralist Model: A Multi-religious Exploration: Birmingham, England, September 6-9, 2003

Continuing Good Connections

AMERICA Magazine: A weekly magazine for thinking Catholics published by Jesuits

Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC): Founded in 1980, ARCC has been devoted to structural church reform needed to confront injustice in the church, and then the world. ARCC consistently presses for participatory church governance structures that will end outdated practices of unilateral, unaccountable privilege and lack of transparency that have been typical of monarchies. Extensive collection of documents.

CathNews, A Service of Catholic Resources: The Catholic Resources website provides a daily news service which is available via email, prayer and meditation, descriptions of and links to Christian sites and information on products available through Church Resources. Catholic Resources hopes to build the most influential Catholic site in Australia through providing a unique range of interactive resources to meet the needs of Australian Catholics and those interested in Christianity.

Catholic News Service: The mission of Catholic News Service is the mission of the Church itself – to spread the Gospel through contemporary means of communication. Our mission is to perform this task by reporting the news which affects Catholics in their everyday lives. Some of that news is good and some is bad, but it is what readers need to know in order to work for salvation. They need to know that there are saints in the making in the Church today and they need to know that there are sinners too. Our mission is to report fully, fairly and freely about the involvement of the Church in the world today.

Catholic Online - CCN News & Media: Catholic Communications Network

Catholic World News: From the Catholic World News website:
“In order to preserve editorial freedom – and to be able to provide forthright coverage of sensitive issues – has chosen to remain completely independent. Unlike other Catholic news services, receives no subsidies.”

Commonweal: A Review of Religion, Politics, and Culture, edited by Catholic lay people since 1924

Company Online! A Magazine of the U.S. Jesuits: A Web version of Company, a print magazine of the Jesuits of the United States offering News, Features, Books, and References from the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) on its ministries, friends, history, and members

ICN Independent Catholic News: ICN is the first daily Catholic on-line news service in the UK. This site is run by Catholic journalists based in London, England. There are also more than a dozen regular contributors around the world.

Journal of Ecumenical Studies: The Journal of Ecumenical Studies has been publishing articles that explore the cutting edge of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue issues since 1964, when JES was co-founded by Arlene and Leonard Swidler.

Sacred Space: Prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits offering a daily prayer in 17 languages.

SALT: Salt Publishing produces the bimonthly journal SALT, a journal dedicated to preserving freedom of inquiry and thought within the Catholic Church.






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