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Volume 1 Issue 3
September 2003


Robert Blair Kaiser: A Letter from the Editor

Henry Braun:
Mother Of All Bombs

R.W. French: A Day in March
H.R. Stoneback: God's Trout: Fisher King & Delta Force Recon the Upper Tigris

Robert Blair Kaiser:
Latest Chapter
Rome Diary Index

Australian Broadcasting Company: Radio Discussion on Vatican II
Kelly Burke: Blessed are the Once Married
Bill Burrows: The Erosion of Catholic Culture
José Comblin: Changes in the Latin American Church During the Pontificate of John Paul II
John J. Deeney: Vatican II: Before, During, and After — Some Personal Anecdotal Reflections
Robert Blair Kaiser: Notes Toward An Essay on Vatican II
Virginia Saldanha: Vatican II Brought Wholeness to Life
Ingrid Shafer: The Vision of Vatican II
Jon Sobrino, SJ:
A New Council (English)
Un Nuevo Concilio (Español)

Leonard Swidler: A Catholic Constitution for the Catholic Church  

Sr. Maria José Arana, RSCJ: To Ransom the Feminine in order to Re-animate the Earth (English)
Rescatar Lo Femenino Para Re-Animar La Tierra (Español)





Contributing Authors

Hna. Mª José Arana es una religiosa del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. Tiene un doctorado de teología y es miembro de EFECW (Foro Ecuménico de Mujeres Europeas Cristianas). Vive en Algorta en la provincia de Vizcaya, en el País Vasco. Su libro, en español, sobre las mujeres sacerdotes, Mujeres Sacerdotes, ¿Por qué No? se puede leer en el sitio web de John Wijngaards www.womenpriests. org/sp/aran_sal/ara_cont.htm. También es coautora de El sacerdocio de la mujer, publicado por Editorial San Esteban, Salamanca, España, en 1993, ISBN 84-87557-66-X.
Sr. María José Arana is a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She has a PhD in theology, and she is a member of EFECW, the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women. She lives in Algorta, in the Basque Province of Vizcaya (Biscay), Spain. Her book (in Spanish) on women priests, Mujeres Sacerdotes. ¿Por Qué No...? (Women Priests. Why Not...?), can be read at John Wijngaards's Website
www.womenpriests. org/sp/aran_sal/ara_cont.htm. Sr. María José is also the coauthor of El sacerdocio de la mujer (Woman's Priesthood), published by Editorial San Esteban, Salamanca, Spain, in 1993, ISBN 84-87557-66-X.

Henry Braun lives in the Maine woods where he fishes for poems, feeds a woodstove, and eavesdrops on the hum of airplanes flying overhead. Others of his eavesdroppings will appear in future issues of Just Good Company.
His phone number and extensive photos of his ambience are on, of which he is the Webmaster.

Kelly Burke is Religious Affairs Writer for the Sydney Morning Herald.

William R. Burrows is Managing Editor of Orbis Books in Maryknoll New York. Email:

Fr. José Comblin, 80, was born in Belgium and has worked in Brazil since 1958. His name is listed among theologians such as Gustavo Gutiérrez, Hugo Assmann, Leonardo Boff, Clodovis Boff, Virgil Elizondo, Ignacio Ellacuria and others who brought liberation theology to the world's attention. In July, he taught a course called "Theology of the People of God" at the Maryknoll Summer Mission Institute in Maryknoll, N.Y.

John J. Deeney was a Jesuit for 30 years, seven in the California Province, 23 in the China Province. He has taught at universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the People’s Republic of China. His life's work continues to be helping to improve East-West understanding through his teaching, research and publication on Chinese-Western comparative literature and culture. He is currently a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's Center of International Studies and, this past school year, he taught graduate courses in Chinese-Western comparative literature and the Bible and/in/as literature at Soochow University in Taiwan. Email:

R.W. French is a Professor Emeritus of English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His publications include several dozen essays on the poetry of Walt Whitman. He currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Robert Blair Kaiser went through ten years in the Society of Jesus, then, three years shy of ordination, left the Jesuits to pursue a career in journalism. He covered Vatican II for Time, worked on the religion beat for The New York Times, and served as journalism chairman at the University of Nevada Reno. Two of his ten published books deal with Vatican II: Pope, Council and World , and The Politics of Sex and Religion.
Kaiser won the Overseas Press Club Award in 1963 for the "best magazine reporting of foreign affairs" for his reporting on the Vatican Council. Editors at three newspapers have nominated him for Pulitzer Prizes, and the book publisher E.P. Dutton nominated him for another Pulitzer for his exhaustive 634-page work on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a work that will be republished next year.
Since the fall of 1999, Kaiser has been a contributing editor in Rome for Newsweek magazine. He is also writing a book there on the future of the Church. He has a contract with CBS Television News to provide color commentary for that network’s coverage of the next conclave. His latest book is the autobiographical Clerical Error.

Virginia Saldanha is the executive secretary of the Office of the Laity in the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences, executive secretary of the Commission for Women of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India. She is also an executive committee member of Pax Christi International. She lives in Bombay.

Ingrid Shafer, a native of Innsbruck, Austria,  is Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Mary Jo Ragan Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma where she has taught since 1968. In 2002, she received the Medal of Excellence for University Teaching in the State of Oklahoma. She has published five books and more than seventy articles, book chapters, and poems, and has lectured in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She is a board member of the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC). Shafer designs, publishes, and maintains numerous websites dedicated to developing a global ethic and building bridges between diverse academic, ideological, religious, and cultural worlds, and has taken on the design of Just Good Company. Her main domain with links to most of her web projects is

Jon Sobrino, SJ, jesuíta, teólogo, vive en El Salvador.
Jon Sobrino is a Jesuit theologian living in El Salvador.

H.R. Stoneback is Professor of English at SUNY-New Paltz. A widely published poet and scholar, his recent books include Singing the Springs & Other Poems (Portals Press) and Cafe Millennium & Other Poems (Portals). Once upon a time, he was both a basketball player and a Marine.

Leonard Swidler, STL, PhD, Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA ( is co-founder of the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC —, Chair of its Constitution Committee, and the author or editor of over sixty books, including: Freedom in the Church, 1969; Bishops and People, 1970; Aufklärung Catholicism 1780-1850, 1978; Küng in Conflict, 1981; Authority in the Church and the Schillebeeckx Case, 1982; The Church in Anguish: Has the Vatican Betrayed Vatican II? (co-edited with Hans Küng), 1987; A Catholic Bill of Rights, 1988; Toward a Catholic Constitution, 1996; For All Life. Toward a Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic: An Interreligious Dialogue, 1999; The Study of Religion in an Age of Global Dialogue, 2000.





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