Directions for Submitting Material to Just Good Company

We publish thoughtful and thought-provoking articles and selected poetry relating to the intersecting spheres of religion and culture. We are most interested in articles between 800 and 1600 words in length.

Just Good Company cannot yet compensate our authors but we consider these articles to be charitable contributions of the highest value.

Submissions should be delivered as Microsoft Word attachments via email addressed to JustGoodCompany- . Use the same address for asking questions you have concerning an article which you are considering writing.

All documents should be formatted in a simple block-paragraph style with *no* indented first lines but simple double-spacing between paragraphs. Also, ordinary text should not be double-spaced. Bibliographies and endnotes should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

The message accompanying the attached article should contain the author’s contact information and a brief biographical sketch.