Religions in Dialogue
From theocracy to democracy

Edited by Alan Race and Ingrid Shafer

Jews, Christians and Muslims, as members of the Abrahamic religions, share much theological common ground and the momentum for dialogue between them at theological levels has greatly increased in recent decades. This book explores the relationship between religion and the modern democratic state from the perspective of the three monotheistic traditions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Scholars from each of the traditions map out the fears, historical ambiguities and present possibilities in these relationships. At the heart of global change is the invitation to the religions to move from historic mistrust to dialogue and co-operation as a new way of putting religious commitment into practice. This book investigates how the three religions in dialogue might overcome their historic antagonism as a prelude to working for the development of the global common good. As part of the test of religious ideals, some of the contributions bring theory down to earth by examining the role of religion in three democratic states with different histories - Turkey, Indonesia, India - and also in relation to a culture of human rights. Drawing together leading Muslim, Christian, and Jewish authors from America, Europe and Asia, this book presents a rare collaboration of faiths and ideas and makes a significant contribution to studies of inter-religious dialogue and the changing role of religion in the democratic state.

Author Biography: Alan Race is the editor of the journal 'World Faiths Encounter' and senior lecturer in Christian theology, UK; Ingrid Shafer is Professor of Philosophy and Religion, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, USA.

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