Among the many letters that poured into us after the sudden death of our founder, Bob Holstein, this one by John Lounibos was most notable. John has been a professor of philosophy and religion at Dominican College NY since 1971. He drove busloads of students to join the Cesar Chavez march from Delano to Sacramento in 1966 and protested the U.S. complicity in the assassinations of the four U.S. religious women in El Salvador in 1980. Email him at

John Lounibos

Dear Companions,

I offer my prayers and condolences to Loretta and
Bob's family upon hearing this very sad news about Bob's
death. I prayed for him when he or Loretta announced he
had been hospitalized due to pneumonia and an arythymatic
heart beat. Having just had lung surgery, another lung and
heart complication was serious.

I only met Bob once at the 1996 reunion at Casa Maria del
Mar in Santa Cruz. There I thought he presided like some
kind of godfather. I made fun of his name associated as it
was with a wonderful breed of milk cow that I worked with
for many years. Each time I sent him an email, despite
the amazing work load of attorneys as I knew from my
father's 60 year career, he always responded. I was
edified, if you can translate that old fashioned word, by
Bob's efforts to expand the practice of the 19th annotation
retreat movement. When I wrote to him this December
about this work, he immediately offered his speciality,
advice and counsel.

At my father's funeral twelve months ago, I spoke about
a lawyer's vocation to bring peace, justice, and reconciliation
to others who suffer from violence, injustice, and constant
quarrelling or abuse in society. I know we Americans can
abuse litigation and turn a court room into a farce. But having
grown up and lived with lawyers a great part of my life, I
respect the potential of their contribution to our country. This
applies more so to Bob Holstein who made a dream come
true, to create some forum for communication, and if possible,
other humanitarian and spiritual contributions to others for
former jesuits on the westcoast. Yesterday, Bob, you know
I said a prayer for you. Today, Bob, I pray that you take a
moment out of your fishing schedule, and say hello to Ignatius
of Loyola for us all, and ask him what he would like to say and
for us to do for the church of the 21st century?

John Lounibos, CA 54-71