Just Good Company

April 1, 2003
A Letter from the Editor

It took a while (too long) to get our second issue up into cyberspace. But here we are, glued to our TV screens watching American bombs falling on Iraq. We trust the prayers of many will prevail and that all the bombs will miss the innocent. Given the world situation, however, we couldn't help but lead off with a WAR AND PEACE package. As you will see, we all hate war.

We, the members of West Coast Compañeros Inc., publishers of Just Good Company, lost our founder on Jan. 5. Well, we didn't exactly lose him. He just left us to go fishing in that Great Trout Stream in his hereafter. For Holstein, heaven was steelhead fishing on the Klamath River. In our simple theology, each of us gets to choose our own heaven. And our own hell. (And, yes, we think theology should be simple. If it is abstruse, what good is it, except something to pump up a theologian's ego? I recall that Tommy Aquinas once looked back on all his great work and said that it was cotton candy, or some medieval equivalent thereof.) Anyway, here in JGC's second issue, we try to tell you more about Holstein, the man who put the "just" in Just Good Company. But you really had to see and hear the guy.

This issue features a piece on the Church by a Spanish Claretian, José Vigil, who now lives in Panama. But our pages are still overloaded with Jesuits: Faus, Navone, Baumann, Roberge, Dall'Oglio. We don't worship them. But they are our species, after all. Pay close attention to the piece on syncretism by Dall'Oglio. He's a Jesuit and a Muslim at heart and if you're wondering how he can do that, read on.

You will notice (I hope) that we are running some pieces this issue in both English and Spanish, this because we are trying to reach out to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters around the world and make this a truly international community in cyberspace.

We had a complaint (one) about our "pop-up" in the last issue – a reminder that Just Good Company needs money. We're going to keep the pop-up. We still need money. At least $5,000 a month, if we're going to thrive. Right now, we're just staying alive. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 25, that whatever you do for the poor you do for Him. Well, we're poor.

Robert Blair Kaiser