Contributing Authors

John Baumann, SJ is co-founder and Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Community Organization (PICO) He oversees the direction of PICO, a network of 42 organizations in 15 states. He is responsible for coordinating services for the professional community organizers and the leadership in the PICO Network. His office is in Oakland, California. A Jesuit priest, he co-founded PICO in 1972.

Eugene Bianchi is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Emory University. He is author of Elder Wisdom: Crafting Your Own Elderhood (1994) and coeditor of A Democratic Catholic Church (1992).

Jason Berry lives in New Orleans and has been an independent writer since the 1973 publication of Amazing Grace: With Charles Evers in Mississippi. In 1982 he was a member of Journalists in Europe, a program in Paris. Up From the Cradle of Jazz (1986) is a history of New Orleans popular music. Of his third book, Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children (1992), USA Today wrote: “Berry is the rare investigative reporter whose scholarship, compassion and ability to write with the poetic power of Robert Penn Warren are in perfect balance.”
Vows of Silence (2004), written with Gerald Renner, examines the impact of the sexual crisis on the Vatican and American church. He also published The Spirit of Black Hawk: A Mystery of Africans and Indians (1995) and Louisiana Faces: Images from A Renaissance with photographs of Philip Gould (2002). Jason Berry is often interviewed on network television. A 1971 graduate of Georgetown University, he writes for many outlets. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship as a jazz historian, and an Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship for reporting on Louisiana demagogues. His play, Earl Long in Purgatory, premiered in 2002 with John McConnell in the title role, and is currently on tour. In 2002 he received the Humanist of the Year award from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

Leonardo Boff is a theologian and writer, author of Crisis: Development Opportunities, Verus, São Paulo 2003.

Jim Bowman is a former Jesuit from the Chicago Province and a long time religion editor for the Chicago Daily News. He is now the editor of Blithe Spirit, a lively webzine which you may visit at

Geoff Cahill was of the Catholic Faith (educated at Waverley College, Christian Brothers). He held positions as the inaugural NSW Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, inaugural Chairman, NSW Government and Related Employees Appeal Tribunal, and a NSW ALP General Secretary. He was for many years a solicitor with his own legal practice. He filed one of the first civil actions in Australia against a religious institution concerning sexual abuse, and he has been involved with over fifty similar actions. He counselled victims in this field. Mr. Cahill died following a heart attack in January 2003.

Brian Coyne is a freelance writer on religious and spiritual issues, relief editor for CathNews (http://www/ an internet and email daily news service published out of Sydney, Australia and an administrator of the CathNews discussion board (http://www/ Brian lives in Perth, Western Australia. His email address is:

Paolo Dall'Oglio, SJ is an Italian Jesuit living in the Christian community and monastery of Deir Mar Musa near Damascus, a place that he considers as Christian as it is Muslim. Its members, he says, intend "to reinvent the positive relationship that existed between the first Muslims and the [Christian] monks on the borders of the Arabian deserts."

Donn Downing, who collects early printed leaves with his wife, Letitia Sanders, has been associated with some form of media since the age of 16. He has written for weekly and daily newspapers, the UPI wire service, Time the weekly newsmagazine, Bank of America corporate publications and has engaged in freelance journalism. He has also been involved in the national expansion of a San Francisco art gallery and has just retired from a U.S. company involved with the setup and manufacture of flat panel information display panels in China. He attended Brown University and the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Jack W. Florence Sr. has enjoyed a long and varied career. Educated a nuclear/chemical engineer Mr. Florence retired while still in his forties, as Director of Marketing for the Far East from an international engineering firm. Travel weary, he retired to the peaceful life in bucolic California wine country. As a grape grower/wine producer in the premium California wine industry, Mr. Florence served on the founding boards of two wine industry organizations. More recently he created, with subsequent approval of a federal regulatory agency, Sonoma County’s newest wine appellation. Mr. Florence has written two books dealing with the history of the California wine industry. He has served many lay positions in the Church including work with a small lay/clerical committee to bring a diocesan pastoral committee to his diocese. Mr. Florence lives with his wife of forty-six years high above Lake Sonoma in northwestern Sonoma County. They have three adult children and two grandkids.

John D. Gerken entered the Jesuits in 1942. BA in Classical Languages, MA in English, ordained 6/15/55, tertianship in Austria (9/56 to 7/57, worked on doctoral dissertaion at Jesuit Theologate in Frankfurt/ Main from 8/57 to 10/59, Aloys Grillmeier was his director, Doctor of Sacred Theology granted in 1961. He taught theology at John Carroll University, University Heights (Cleveland), OH from 10/59 to 12/68. Department Chairman for four years, he published Toward a Theology of the Layman in 1962. Jack worked as a management trainer for General Motors from 3/69 to 1987 when the group was given to the Sandy Corporation in Troy, MI. He then worked as an employee and contract employee till 1993, then became a substitute high school teacher up to 11/2/01 when he retired. He was manager of the Western Region for both GM and Sandy with office at Cal Poly Pomona, California, ran training programs for both organizations across the US and Canada and also did the same in Panama, Germany (twice), Australia (three times), Singapore, Athens and Taiwan. In 1995 he published An American Ethic – essentially natural law ideas written for his kids who were not raised Catholic. Married, divorced, father of four (b,g,b,g) college graduates, all employed, and grandfather of six.

José Ignacio González Faus, SJ es un jesuita español. Nació en Valencia en 1933, ganó su doctorado en teología en Innsbruck en 1968 y actualmente es profesor de teología sistemática en la Facultad de Teología de Cataluña. Sus libros incluyen: Proyecto de hermano. Visión creyente del hombre (2ª ed. 1991), Vicarios de Cristo.Los pobres en la teología y espiritualidad cristianas (1991), Ningún obispo impuesto (1992) y A autoridade da verdade - Momentos obscuros do Magistério eclesiástico (1998). En 1989 Orbis publicó su libro en inglés Where the Spirit Breathes — Prophetic Dissent in the Church, (publicado en español: La libertad de palabra en la iglesia y en la teología: Antología comentada, Santander, España: Sal Terrae, 1985). González Faus vive y trabaja en Barcelona como director del Centro de Estudios “Cristianismo y Justicia.”

José Ignacio González Faus, SJ is a Spanish Jesuit. He was born in Valencia in 1933, won his doctorate in theology at Innsbruck in 1968, and is now a professor of systematic theology in the Facultad de Teologia de Cataluña. Among his books: Proyecto de hermano. Visión creyente del hombre (2nd ed. 1991), Vicarios de Cristo.Los pobres en la teología y espiritualidad cristianas (1991), Ningún obispo impuesto (1992) and A autoridade da verdade - Momentos obscuros do Magistério eclesiástico (1998). In 1989, Orbis Books published his Where the Spirit Breathes - Prophetic Dissent in the Church. González Faus lives and works in Barcelona as director of the Center of Studies: "Christianity and Justice."

Robert Blair Kaiser went through ten years in the Society of Jesus, then, three years shy of ordination, left the Jesuits to pursue a career in journalism. He covered Vatican II for Time, worked on the religion beat for The New York Times, and served as journalism chairman at the University of Nevada Reno. Two of his ten published books deal with Vatican II: Pope, Council and World , and The Politics of Sex and Religion . Kaiser won the Overseas Press Club Award in 1963 for the "best magazine reporting of foreign affairs" for his reporting on the Vatican Council. Editors at three newspapers have nominated him for Pulitzer Prizes, and the book publisher E.P. Dutton nominated him for another Pulitzer for his exhaustive 634-page work on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a work that will be republished next year. Since the fall of 1999, Kaiser has been a contributing editor in Rome for Newsweek magazine. He is also writing a book there on the future of the Church. He has a contract with CBS Television News to provide color commentary for that network’s coverage of the next conclave. His latest book is the autobiographical Clerical Error.

Paul Kelly lives with his wife Jean in their family home on the Atlantic in Pine Point, Maine. He had been a member of the Society of Jesus in the New England Province, with studies at Shadowbrook and Weston, both in Massachusetts and was assigned to Sophia University in Tokyo for regency. He left the Society in 1957 and entered his second career as a lawyer in general practice in New Hampshire for over forty years. On retirement in 2001, he began his third career, devoted to doing what he can to engage the future of the Church by study and writing.

Bruce Kent is a vice-president of Pax Christi.

John Lounibos has been a professor of philosophy and religion at Dominican College NY since 1971. He drove busloads of students to join the Cesar Chavez march from Delano to Sacramento in 1966 and protested the U.S. complicity in the assassinations of the four U.S. religious women in El Salvador in 1980.

Daniel Maguire is a former Jesuit and a professor of theology at Marquette University. In 1981, he was president of the Society of Christian Ethics, the largest professional society in the field, including 900 Protestant and Catholic ethicists in the United States and Canada. He has been President of The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics since 1994. He is the author or co-author of 14 books, starting with Moral Absolutes and the Magisterium (Corpus 1970) and including most notably, Ethics for a Small Planet, co-authored in 1998 with Larry Rasmussen. Dr. Maguire has published articles in many learned journals, has contributed opinion pieces to The New York Times, Atlantic, and USA Today, and he has appeared as a commentator on all the major TV networks.

Louis Miles lives in Asheville, NC. His poems have appeared in such places as Potato Eyes and The Christian Science Monitor to Descant (The Literary Journal of Texas Christian University). After a long career in college teaching he earned an A.A.S. degree in silversmithing at Haywood Community College, Clyde, NC.

Thomas Monteleone, LicSW, is a former Jesuit from the New York Province. He has worked in the field of mental health as a licensed clinical social worker in child and adolescent psychiatry, director of an adult treatment program, instructor at the State University of New York at Albany, and as a director of training for the Massachusetts State Department of Mental Health. He is an active member of DIGNITY, the lay-led national organization of GLBT Catholics. He now volunteers his time counseling economically disadvantaged young couples and families in Salamanca, NY and is working on writing his first book of reflections on the integration of sexuality and spirituality from an Ignatian perspective.

Graciela Ramsay emigrated from Mexico to the U.S. as a teenager. She has degrees from Cal State University Dominguez Hills and UCLA, and she now works in Los Angeles as a translator. She has done the Spanish subtitles for a number of Hollywood movies, and the English subtitles for the award-winning Like Water for Chocolate. Her mother, Armida Miller, is a noted poet in the Hispanic community in Los Angeles.

Gaston Roberge, SJ, was born in Montreal in 1935, went through the normal course of studies in the Jesuit Order, and has lived as a missionary in the Province of Calcutta (now called Kolkata) since 1961. He got his MA in theater arts (Film) at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1970. With the support of the late Satyajit Ray, he founded a communication center, CHITRABANI, in Kolkata. From 1996 to 1999, Father Roberge was executive secretary for social communication at the Jesuit Curia in Rome. He has published 12 books -- on communication, cinema, human development and spirituality. One book, Communication Cinema Development received a national award (special mention) for best book on film at the 46th National Film Festival of India in 1999. He currently teaches communications at the Jesuit college of Kolkata.

Elizabeth (Bea) Scott is a young mother living in Cincinnati, where she and her husband, Steve, are teachers. Bea is a former Jesuit Volunteer and former member of the board of directors of JVC: Southwest. She wrote her MA thesis (in the catechetics program at Santa Clara University) on the martyrs of El Salvador. She has led and/or participated in 11 trips to El Salvador. She taught Spanish and Religious Studies at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco and Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, where she developed a course that integrated Spanish and Religious Studies and culminated in an immersion trip to El Salvador.

H.R. Stoneback is Professor of English at SUNY-New Paltz. A widely published poet and scholar, his recent books include Singing the Springs & Other Poems (Portals Press) and Cafe Millennium & Other Poems (Portals). Once upon a time, he was both a basketball player and a Marine.

José María Vigil, CMF es un sacerdote claretiano nacido en España que ahora vive y trabaja en Centroaméríca. Obtuvo la licenciatura en teología en la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca y la de Santo Tomás en Roma y obtuvo la licentiatura en Psicología, en especialidad Cliníca, en las Universidades de Salamanca, Madrid y Managua. Es secretario ejecutivo de CICLA, Conferencia Internacional Claretiana Latinoamericana y autor de varios libros y artículos, muchos de los cuales aparecen en el internet. Se pueden localizar en Le puede mandar correo-electrónico: <>

José María Vigil, CMF is a Claretian priest from Spain now living and working in Central America. He studied theology at the Pontifical University in Salamanca and at the Angelicum in Rome, and did studies in clinical psychology in Salamanca, Madrid and Managua. He is executive secretary of CICLA, the Conferencia Internacional Claretiana Latinoamericana, and the author of a number of books and articles, many of which appear (in Spanish) on the Internet. Go to He says he is working "for the coming of the Reign of Christ, for world justice, a correct globalization, the cause of women, the option for the poor, the recovery of self-esteem and hope by the poor and by their organizations, for ecology, for ecumenism and the end of invierno eclesial" the end of winter in the Church. Email him at