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Volume 1.1
January 2003

Review: The New Faithful: Why Young Adults are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy
Jim Bowman

Celibacy in Corporate America
Kenny Moore

Visits with Southern Mexico’s Street Children and Indigenous People
Morgan Zo Callahan

Multinational Corporations and Extremist Environmentalists Impact on Small and Medium Family Farmers
Edward Fashing

A Jesuit Think Tank for the World?
John J. Deeney

Chapter Eight, "Ministry," from Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits
Eugene C. Bianchi and Peter McDonough

Letter from the California Provincial on the SOA Ignatian Family Teach-in
Thomas H. Smolich, SJ

Just Good Company
Just Good Company will be a Prophetic Company
Denis Collins, SJ

If I Were Pope
Michael Leach

Pope Jack The First,  a screenplay
Patt Shea and Bud Wiser

July on Swan's Island
Donald Junkins

Rome Diary
Rome Diary Index
Current Issue
Robert Blair Kaiser

Addressing Sexual Abuse 
Peter Timmins

Samara Wark

Si todas las mujeres del mundo ...
Hna. M. Augusta Ghisleni, FSCJ


If I Were Pope (first in a series)
Michael Leach

So, what would you do if you were the pope? The executive editor of Orbis Books lets himself dream, and comes up with a winning agenda. Leach for pope!

Pope Jack the First (a screenplay)
Patt Shea and Bud Wiser

What a hoot! An Irish monk gets elected pope, but as it turns out he’s not Irish. He’s an American – and a whole lot more. Mel Gibson dropped his option on this script. We're  hoping there’s some one out there with a few extra million who will snap up the project and prove Gibson made a big mistake.

Matraca: Visits  With Southern Mexico's Street Children and Indigenous People
Morgan Zo Callahan

Excerpts from the diary of Morgan Zo Callahan, who takes frequent trips to provide aid -- and a good pair of ears -- to the indigenous peoples of southern Mexico. Morgan spent ten years in the California Province of the Society of Jesus. He is now a public school teacher in Southern California.   

A Jesuit Think Tank For The World?
John J. Deeney

Asked to write about the future of the Jesuits, Deeney comes up with a suggestion – that the Order could have a greater impact on the world by setting up a global think tank. We hope his argument triggers some discussion in the forthcoming issues of JUST GOOD COMPANY.

Si todas las mujeres del mundo ...
Hna. M. Augusta Ghisleni, FSCJ

The words of this 81-year-old nun from Brazil here speak a blunt truth: wherever important decisions were being made during the last thousand years, women were systematically excluded. She asks how we can change that pattern.

Just Good Company Will be a Prophetic Company
Denis Collins, S.J.

Denis Collins is a Jesuit on the faculty of the University of San Francisco who is helping us elaborate our editorial policy.  He ventures here to give a rationale for Just Good Company's plan - to take a prophetic stance vis a vis the Church and the world in the spirit of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.  

The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy, by Colleen Carroll
 Review by Jim Bowman

Bowman, a long-time editor of the Chicago Daily News, reviews a new book that celebrates the moves of some young Catholics toward a kind of orthodoxy that verges on idolatry. It took us years to exorcise that demon. Now our kids have it? 

July on Swan's Island (a poem)
Donald Junkins

Celibacy in Corporate America
A Column by Kenny Moore 

For all those who want to fix the clergy by eliminating celibacy, Moore says we should take a look in the mirror. Married couples in corporate America aren’t having much sex either.

“Ministries,” Chapter Eight of Passionate Uncertainty
Eugene C. Bianchi and Peter McDonough
They were praised by Garry Wills, damned by Paul
Shaughnessy and damned with faint praise by  America magazine. Now decide for  yourself where Bianchi and McDonough are coming from. Do they hate the Jesuits?

Enhancing Democracy: the Key to Religious Reform

James Carroll is a former Paulist priest and a prolific novelist. We pass on to our readers a link to his stirring speech on democracy in the Church, given at the Call To Action Convention in Milwaukee on Nov. 2. The speech is adapted from Carroll's current book,  "Toward A New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform."

They're Killing the Family Farm – and the Family Farmer
Edward Fashing

Fashing indulges in some serious hand wringing about the future of the American farm, saying things we do not much see in the general press. We hope this piece stimulates your thought – and your comment.

Addressing Sexual Abuse

Peter Timmins and Samara Wark
Committed as we are to providing a forum, even for the
most sensitive questions that face the Church and the world in the 21st century, we present a thoughtful essay by a Canadian priest, and an equally thoughtful response by a young  health professional. Both pieces deal with the putative connection between homosexually-oriented priests and ephebophilia.

Letter from the California Provincial on the
SOA Ignatian Family Teach-in

Thomas H. Smolich, SJ
A note from the California Provincial to all the Jesuits in his province about the Ignatian Family Teach In, promoted in great part by WCCI, led of course by our maximum leader and founder Bob Holstein. We can and should take some pride in this, and we can do this most modestly by simply passing on the words of Tom Smolich (who is not a member of WCCI).



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