Just Good Company Editorial/Production Team

Editor-in-Chief: ROBERT BLAIR KAISER lives and works in Rome as a reporter and editor for Newsweek magazine and The Tablet.

Technical Advisor: DOUG McFERRAN is a professor of philosophy, Los Angeles Mission College and the author of IRA Man: Talking with the Rebels, 1997.

Acting Managing Editor: ROBERT R. RAHL is a retired professor of philosophy, dean of humanities and director of information technology.

Traductora/Translator: BEA SCOTT taught Spanish and Religious Studies at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco and Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, where she developed a course that integrated Spanish and Religious Studies and culminated in an immersion trip to El Salvador.

Webpage Editor: INGRID H. SHAFER is an award-winning professor of philosophy and religion in America's heartland (see her mini-bio among our Editorial Advisory Board).

WCCI Chief Financial Officer: DAVID VAN ETTEN, former fund raiser for a major nonprofit, is the person who will disperse your contributions to the writers and editors of JUST GOOD COMPANY for their creative work. If we get any.

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