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Contributing Authors

Eugene C. Bianchi is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Emory University. He is author of Elder Wisdom: Crafting Your Own Elderhood (1994) and coeditor of A Democratic Catholic Church (1992).

Jim Bowman is a former Jesuit from the Chicago Province and a long time religion editor for the Chicago Daily News. He is now the editor of Blithe Spirit, a lively webzine which you may visit at http://www.Blithe-Spirit.com.

Morgan Zo Callahan , who entered the California Province of the Society of Jesus in 1962 and left in 1972, is now a public school teacher in Southern California. He takes frequent trips to provide aid -- and a good pair of ears -- to the indigenous peoples of southern Mexico.

James Carroll is a former Paulist priest and a prolific novelist. His latest book is Toward A New Catholic Church: The Promise of Reform.

Denis Collins is a Jesuit on the faculty of the University of San Francisco. He is helping us elaborate our editorial policy. Father Collins did his doctoral dissertation at the University of Southern California in the early 1970s on the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, a towering figure in the post-conciliar Church

John J. Deeney was a Jesuit for 30 years, seven in the California Province, 23 in the China Province. He has taught at universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the People’s Republic of China. His life's work continues to be helping to improve East-West understanding through his teaching, research and publication on Chinese-Western comparative literature and culture. He is currently a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's Center of International Studies and, this school year, he will be teaching graduate courses in Chinese-Western comparative literature and the Bible and/in/as literature at Soochow University in Taiwan.

Edward M. Fashing is a cattle and grain farmer in Sturgeon, Missouri, and a farm activist in several farm organizations. He got a BS from Loyola University of Chicago (1960) and MS in chemistry at DePaul University (1968). Ed taught chemistry and physical science for 6 years at University of Illinois (Chicago). He worked as audio-visual planning editor for Encyclopaedia Britannica Film Corp. Ed taught geology, environmental studies, and the chemistry of hazardous materials for 12 years at Triton College (River Grove, IL). Ed did cancer and aflatoxin chemical research. He taught physics at Truman State and Columbia College in Missouri. Ed and Annette Lubker, married 43 years, are parents of five children, who were in Four-H. They raised 10 Missouri State Fair and county fair champion steer carcasses. Ed and Annette are former Sodality of Our Lady members. For 15 years, Ed was Newman Community faculty moderator at 2 Illinois colleges. The Fashings are active in their parish. Ed is a lector and the farm community is his ministry

Sr. Maria Augusta Ghisleni, FSCJ, is a member of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (an order founded by Saint Teresa Verzeri, in Italy, in the 19th Century). She is also a member of the Commission for the Decade of Churches' Solidarity with Women, promoted by the World Council of Churches and undertaken in Brazil by the National Council of Christian Churches (CONIC).

Donald Junkins is a polymath professor of English (retired) from the University of Massachusetts whose poetry has been published in The New Yorker . He has had nine books of his own poetry published. He is a world-wide lecturer on Ernest Hemingway. (He was also an All-New England defensive back in the 1950s, and an advance man for the 1968 presidential campaign of Robert F. Kennedy.)

Robert Blair Kaiser went through ten years in the Society of Jesus, then, three years shy of ordination, left the Jesuits to pursue a career in journalism. He covered Vatican II for Time, worked on the religion beat for The New York Times, and served as journalism chairman at the University of Nevada Reno. Two of his ten published books deal with Vatican II: Pope, Council and World , and The Politics of Sex and Religion . Kaiser won the Overseas Press Club Award in 1963 for the "best magazine reporting of foreign affairs" for his reporting on the Vatican Council. Editors at three newspapers have nominated him for Pulitzer Prizes, and the book publisher E.P. Dutton nominated him for another Pulitzer for his exhaustive 634-page work on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a work that will be republished next year. Since the fall of 1999, Kaiser has been a contributing editor in Rome for Newsweek magazine. He is also writing a book there on the future of the Church. He has a contract with CBS Television News to provide color commentary for that network’s coverage of the next conclave. His latest book is the autobiographical Clerical Error .

Michael Leach is executive director of Orbis Books and co-editor of I Like Being Catholic .

Peter McDonough is Professor of Political Science at Arizona State University. He is author of Men Astutely Trained: A History of the Jesuits in the American Century (1992) and Power and Ideology in Brazil (1981) and coauthor of The Cultural Dynamics of Democratization in Spain (1998).

Kenny Moore is Corporate Ombudsman and Human Resources Director at KeySpan, a NYC based energy company with 13,000 employees. Reporting to the C.E.O., he is primarily responsible for awakening joy, meaning and commitment in the workplace. While these efforts have largely been met with skepticism, he remains eternally optimistic of their future viability. Kenny has experience with change management, leadership development and healing the corporate community. He is past-President of the New Jersey Human Resource Planning Group and has been interviewed by Fortune, The New York Times and Fast Company regarding his unique efforts. His work has been profiled in Susan Skog’s book: Radical Acts of Love: How Compassion is Transforming Our World .

Patt Shea graduated from Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood, California, a major in drama. She soon married Jack Shea, a television producer-director (a two-term president of the Director’s Guild). After mothering five children and spending some 20 years in countless writing classes at UCLA, she became a successful sit-com writer, for : All in the Family, Archie Bunker’s Place, Happy Days, Lou Grant, In the Heat of the Night . She was a three-time finalist for the Humanitas Award and a winner of the Scott Newman Award. She has been a member of the Committee on Communications of the U.S. Conference of Bishops. And, with Jack Shea, she helped found Catholics in Media Associates (CIMA), an organization that applauds and recommends current programs and film productions that uplift and enlighten what it means to human. She and her writing partner, Bud Wiser, have turned to writing feature movies.

Thomas H. Smolich, SJ is the Provincial Superior (religious leader) of the California Province of the Society of Jesus.

Peter Timmins was ordained for Montreal in 1961. He spent the next 40 years there in parish work and is now living in partial retirement in Kingston, Ontario, where, he says, he has “a sister and her progeny to keep me in line.”

Samara L. Wark has been a psychotherapist in the area of sexual abuse and domestic violence for 16 years, working with both victims and perpetrators in a restorative justice model. For the past four years, she has also been a chaplain/pastoral counselor in the Catholic health care system in Canada.

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